Agility is an active, outdoors enjoyable sport for you and your dog.  Your aim can be competition or fun - and it is all fun!

Any dog can do agility as long as they are healthy and like having fun. 

Prior to attending your first Agility Lesson, you will need to attend Week One of a Basic Communication course.  This will provide you with information and knowledge on our force free training methods and enable you to successfully enjoy your Agility Course.   Available times can be provided on request and will be emailed to you once you enrol in the Introduction to Agility course. There is no charge for this single lesson.

Introduction to Agility  -       6 lessons for $180

Packages available for higher levels using our levels package system

Please Note:  Agility is cancelled if the weather is unsuitable, for example over 32C (as per RSPCA recommendations) or if particularly wet and windy.   The dogs welfare on the equipment is of paramount concern.   You will be sent a text mid morning to advise if we are cancelling.  You will still receive 6 lessons, the end date will be extended.


Agility Packages
Agility packages use our levels package system. You can choose between Levels A, B and C.