Open House Visitors

Friday only

This is a great opportunity to see a large number of dogs playing, interacting and socialising and also allows your dog to enjoy the company of his own kind. 

Visiting also provides an opportunity to meet the trainers and carers.

A visitors handout will be given to you on your first visit.

Visiting Rules:

  • Booking Essential - Visiting hours are between:

9.30 am to 11.30 am  AND  2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

  • Weather Policy: If forecast Adelaide temperature for that day is less than 32C, regardless of the actual temperature at the time.

  • If bringing a friend with you, please book in twice so we can manage numbers 

  • Club members may visit us at Doggy Day Care on Fridays.  Suitable, social dogs are welcome to accompany their family.  

  • Non Club Members are welcome to attend to see if Day Care, or visiting Day Care with their dog is a suitable outing for them and their dogs. However membership must be obtained to continue to use the services.

Free Running

Club members may also use the grounds when day care and classes are not taking place.  This is a privilege given to club members, membership must be current, and normal Terms and Conditions included in our Waivers (agreed to online when taking out memberhsip) apply.  


Sunday - All day

Monday - Evenings from 6pm**

Tuesday - Free Running Unavailable

Wednesday - Evenings from 6pm**

Thursday - Free Running unavailable

Friday - Free Running Unavailable

Saturday - from 2.30pm

**provided day care has finished and all dogs have been collected.

Please note, the cleaner will be here with his dog at some time over the weekend and has priority. If your dog and his are suitable playmates then feel free to visit.

Private Hire: On some weekends, we hold dog related seminars and workshops.  Details of these will be posted on our Facebook page during the week prior.  You will be unable to run your dogs while these events are running.

All times are subject to change to meet business needs.  


Please respect your club grounds and clean up your dog's waste.    

Good manners and decency are expected at all times; 

Also be sensitive to other club members, not all dogs are suitable with all other dogs, check before letting your dog in. 

If a dog unsuitable to interact is here before you, you will need to wait for the other member to leave.  

If you are here with a dog who is unsuitable for dog/dog interaction, please be generous and leave within 15 minutes.   The grounds have more than once section.   If you dog(s) are boisterous or overwhelming when other dogs arrive, please use the north Stopford rd) side of the grounds.  This allows others to come and go without dogs become nervous of others who are already there.

It is important that for this privilege to be offered, all members are aware of their dogs actions and behaviours.   Reliable recalls should be taught (we can help with this if needed).  Dogs should not harass or intimidate other dogs and should be called back if a dog needs space.  

The centre is a non - smoking venue.  Please do not smoke. 

Please call if you have any questions about suitability.