Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care provides a fun day out for your dog to run, play and socialise with other dogs, under the supervision of our training team and carers.

Doggy Day Care provides social interaction, mental stimulation and physical exercise and can enhance your dog's life and relieve the boredom of staying home all day while their family work.

Prior to your first visit, please ring and discuss which day would be most suitable for your puppy or dog to attend


Drop off and Collection times


  • Drop off 7-9am
  • Lunch pick up 12-1.30pm
  • Evening pick up 4.30-6pm

Tuesday to Thursday:

  • Drop Off 7-9am
  • Evening pick up 4.30-6pm


  • Drop off from 7am
  • Pick up before 6pm

Which day should my dog attend?

Monday - Small to medium dogs, who enjoy a good play, some cuddles and some quiet times too. Not over boisterous. All small and medium dogs of any age are welcome, and all dogs of any breed aged between 4 and 6 months. Monday is also "stepping stone" day for pups who have outgrown Friday but may not be ready for Tuesday and Thursday yet.

Tuesday and Thursday - Small, medium and large dogs over six months and desexedall sizes and play styles that are good with all other dogs. So, big ones and little ones and all those in between. Dogs must be confident and tolerant of dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Wednesday - Medium to large dogs, energetic, full on playful, confident dogs are suited for Wednesday. 

Friday - Little Dog Day. Small dogs, soft natured dogs, shy and quiet dogs (even if big). Puppies from 12 weeks of age and senior dogs are also welcome. In general dogs of cocker spaniel, standard schnauzer size and smaller enjoy Friday. All puppies, of any breed are also welcome on Fridays. 

Day care packages
Book into Daycare

Your day care booking is secure and continues each week once made a regular.and requires no ongoing booking from you.  

Casual bookings can be made whenever you wish your dog to attend, provided there is a space.   

Day Care rates

Packages and single day passes must be purchased before booking your dog into day care. Payments at centre must be arranged by appointment only.

Passes are to be purchased for your dog's attendances. Paypal is our preferred payment method and includes a credit card option that does not require a paypal account.

Day care - Single Day Pass       $45 per dog

Day Care Pass 1- 4 Visits            $176.00  (Save $4) (use in 3 months)

Day Care Pass 2- 8 Visits            $350.00 (Save $10) (use in 6 months)

Day Care Pass 3- 12 Visits          $504.00 (Save $36) (use in 9 months)

Day Care Pass 4- 20 Visits          $820.00 (Save $80) (use in 12months)

Day Care Pass 5 - 26 visits          $1065.00 (save $105) (use in 18 months)

Part day visits are only available on Mondays and Friday only. Monday half day charge is $30. Fridays hourly rate is $6.50.