DOGFIT - You and Your dog get fit together!



DOGFIT classes offer a fun and social way for you and your dog to get fit or stay fit!

They are for you if:

· You already love exercising with your dog and would both enjoy a new challenge

As you know, exercising with your dog is hugely rewarding - for both of you! Not only is it great for your health and well-being but it creates a unique bond. This session will work you both, mentally and physically.


· You want to build you and/or your dog's fitness

A fun workout for you and your dog - you two pick the pace you take part at so you will both be nicely tired afterwards!


· You want to continue working on what you have learnt in class in a fun, relaxed, safe and social environment

DOGFIT is designed mostly for fun, but also helps you and your dog become a team and to practice and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  Dogs are on lead at all times (2m or 5m depending on the game) and SIT, STAY and RECALL challenges are included in the games along with general running about and having fun!


You want the flexibility to start the course when it suits you.

Dogfit sessions are held on Mondays evenings.   Dogfit has a rolling intake, which means that you don't have to wait for a new course to start,  just buy your block of 6 sessions and start the following Monday.

        6.30 pm. - Active, reasonable fit dog and person team

        7.30 pm -  For dogs that need more space and/or slower pace 


What is Dogfit?

Dogfit is a series of fun games and challenges over the hour. They include the Ruff, Ruff Relay, the Whacky Weave and Dog Golf - to name a few. They involve things like running over low hurdles (for your dog, not necessarily you!) in a relay format, seeing how quickly your dog can run 25m and generally running around and having fun.

You will be asked to use Force Free training methods, which we will help you with, and be able to walk at a minimum to walk briskly (for you) and trot (for your dog), no experience is required. The best thing of all is that Dogfit is suited for people and dogs of all ages and abilities. Energetic games alternate with less energetic games to give you and your dog a breather. And you and your dog decide at what pace you want to take part, or if you would like to skip a game.

The games are designed to suit all dogs over 6 months of age who are fit and healthy. So the Silky Terrier can safely and happily take on the German Shepherd over the course! We do use jumps for the dogs in some games and these are set at the lowest height to be suitable for all dogs.

Course requirements

A willingness to embrace Force Free Training

6.30 You can run or walk briskly and your dog can run or trot. 7.30 is a slower paced class

You MUST wear sports shoes to take part

You are over 14 years old

Course Costs and Dates

   Monday evenings :   6 Lessons for $110.00  


What to Bring

Your dog's normal lead and your 5m lead if you have done Advanced or Masters Training.

Treats for your dog - wet food treats - small pieces of cooked chicken, fritz or cheese, because your dog will find these much easier to eat when they are being active. Do not feed your dog dinner before classes.