Is your dog anxious, nervous around other dogs or people, reactive under pressure?   Then ...

NERVOUS NELLIES is for you! 

Is your dog nervous, anxious or excessively shy?  Does he get reactive when under pressure? Is she worried around other dogs?    Or People.

We are now running single dog courses. You can book your dog for a Nervous Nellies course. 

Please note:  This is a five week course.  An introductory session is required prior to commencement.  A selection of dates will be provided once you have enrolled.   Your dog will not be attending this session, and is free of charge.

The course includes :

Week One, Two, Three. - One on one session inside or on outskirts of grounds, depending on your dog's coping skills - and we can swap back and forth as progress is made

Week Four and Five - Once your dog has learned some core exercises and you are confident in your abilities to help your dog cope in different situations, you will have some options. If your dog is ready, you can now join a course at their week three, and have your own instructor with you in the class for two weeks.  

If you and/or your dog are not ready, you will continue to work with your individual instructor for the next two weeks, to improve learned skills and add some more management techniques to help you in the outside world.


Please Note:

  • Dogs will only be slotted into the group classes if both dog and parents are ready.
  • If not ready, you may enrol into another session of one on ones, or discuss alternatives with your instructor.

Cost: $275.00: Five Lessons with your private instructor including 2 sessions in class with your own instructor working with you if dog is ready.  Includes handouts, a clicker, a free intro week session and a yellow bandana designed for nervous dogs.


   Please call if you need more info 

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