Agility is an active, outdoors enjoyable  sport for you and your dog.  Your aim can be competition or fun - and it is all fun!

Membership is required to enrol in Agility classes. 

Dog and Handler must have completed a Basic Course with us prior to participating in agillity


Agility is a dog sport that involves the negotiation of obstacles ranging from jumps, tunnels, bridges, tyres and weaving poles.  Dog and handler work together as a team.  Agility promotes health, confidence and team work.

Any dog can do agility as long as they are healthy and like having fun.

Dogs will be initially trained on lead and only do low, small jumps regardless of breed and size.  Difficulty will be increased once the dog has become confident over the equipment.

Agility may be used in exchange for any course in the packages deals on the Prices and Payments page. 

Dog AND Handler must have completed a Basic Course with us to enrol in agility.

          Beginners -       6 lessons for $110.00                                                          Intermediate -  6 lessons for $95.00                                                           Advanced -       6 Lessons for $90.00


(Once you have attended week one Agility, you can use the remaining five lessons over six months) 

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