Doggy Day Care provides a fun day out for your dog to run, play and socialise with other dogs, under the supervision of our training team and carers. 

Membership is required to access all our services.  

 Doggy Day Care provides social interaction, mental stimulation and physical exercise and can enhance your dog's life and relieve the boredom of staying home all day while their family work.

Club Membership ($25 per annum) is required to access day care 

Day care rates and discounts listed below

 Prior to your first visit, please ring and discuss which day would be most suitable for your puppy or dog to attend

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Current membership is required. 

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Please complete all contact details, including Emergency Contacts names phone numbers (preferably mobile) prior to commencing day care.





Day care - $40 per day per dog.  

Multi visit or Multi dogs in a single week  

A discount is given if a dog attends multiple times per week, or if multiple dogs in the same household attend during the same week.  Discounts will be applied to your account at the end of each week. 

Attendances will be invoiced into your account on the day of the visit, or in the case of multi visits or multi dogs, at the end of the week.  Discounts will be applied at the end of each week.      

                        One Position               $  40.00  

                        Two positions               $5 Discount                     

                 Three positions            $15 Discount 

                  Four Positions             $30 Discount

                     Part day daycare attendances are available on Fridays ONLY or on a dog's first visit to allow an assessment to be done on suitability if required.

Friday Hourly $6 per hour or $3 per half hour -  minimum charge $6

Assessment - Tuesdays and Thursdays - (Note: an assessment may be bypassed if we know the dog, or the dog has a history of off lead play with other dogs without issue)

                  $30 Set rate - In between 8 and 9 am/ Pickup between 12 and 1 pm)                                     

Late Fees - first five minutes no charge IF you advise you are running late.

6.00 - 6.15 pm $1 per minute

6.16pm - 6.30 pm $2 per minute

6.31 pm to 7.00 pm $5 per minute

If not picked up, and we have not been notified, boarding arrangements will be made with an available kennel at your expense.

Dogs must be desexed if over 6 months. Dogs will be provided with a harness on their first visit.  If continuing in daycare a new harness will be provided (cost $15) and will need to have a disk with their name and your first contact mobile phone number attached.  Dogs will not be wearing a collar at daycare.

Please call the Dog Centre to make a booking and discuss suitable days. Bookings essential and may be done online once you have contacted us prior to your first visit.


Doggy Day Care is available five days per week, Monday to Friday. Dogs are free running, out doors and are able to play and interact with other dogs of similar size and play style while being supervised, cared for and loved by our carers. Day care is provided on our safe and secure grounds, complete with cubby houses, sand pits, toys, paddle pools and lots of laps and cuddles too. Our behavioural trainers have many years experience in caring for dogs and provide a fun filled happy day out for your furry kids. Dogs are deemed suitable for particular days according to their age, size and play styles. A guide to suitable days is below, but please call the Dog Centre for advice or more details or to make a booking. Permanent and casual positions are available.

Our Facebook page has videos of dogs enjoying their day care experience

Monday - Small to medium dogs, over four months, who enjoy a good play, some cuddles and some quiet times too. Not over boisterous. All small and medium dogs of any age are welcome, and all dogs of any breed aged between 4 and 6 months. Monday is also "stepping stone" day for pups who have outgrown Friday but may not be ready for Tuesday and Thursday yet. Dogs arrive between 7 am and 9 am.  Pick ups are strictly between 4.30 and 6 pm.

Tuesday and Thursday - Small, medium and large dogs over six months and desexed, all sizes and play styles that are good with all other dogs. So, big ones and little ones and all those in between. As long as the bigger ones are non-threatening to the little ones, and don't exhibit a high prey drive, and little ones are confident with bigger dogs and don't harrass or bother them. Dogs arrrive between 7 am and 9 am.   Pick ups are strictly between 4.30 and 6 pm.   

Wednesday - Medium to large dogs, energetic, full on playful, confident dogs are suited for Wednesday. Dogs arrive between 7 am and 9 am, pick ups are strictly between 4.30 pm and 6 pm.

Friday - Little Dog Day. Small dogs, soft natured dogs, shy and quiet dogs (even if big). Puppies from 12 weeks of age and senior dogs are also welcome. In general dogs of cocker spaniel, standard schnauzer size and smaller enjoy Friday. All puppies, of any breed are also welcome on Fridays. Open day, dogs may arrive and leave at any time. Please see visitors page for hours and details for club members to visit.