Is your dog anxious, nervous around other dogs or people, reactive under pressure?   Then ...





Is your dog nervous, anxious or excessively shy?  Does he get reactive when under pressure? Is she worried around other dogs?    Or People.

We are now running single dog sessions. You can book your dog for a Nervous Nellies course.

The course includes :

WEEK ONE : People only group class : PLEASE NOTE:  The starting date of the course does NOT include your week one group session. This session needs to be attended prior to the commencement date. Available dates are any available Level One Basic Communication Course start date.   The options will be emailed to you once you book into the course.  For assistance, please call or email us.

Week Two, Three, Four. - One on one session inside clubhouse, or on outskirts of grounds, depending on your dogs coping skills - and we can swap back and forth as progress is made

Week Five and Six - If your dog is ready, you can now join a class at their week three, and have your own instructor with you in the class. Use the skills and have the support of your one on one instructor as you integrate into the mainstream class.

Week Seven and Eight - Continue in your group class, under the guidance of the class instructor and assistants.

Dogs will only be slotted into the group classes if both dog and parents are ready. If not ready, you may enrol into another session of one on ones, or discuss alternatives with your instructor.

 Cost: $250.00 for eight lessons - (includes Intro session, 3 sessions one on one instructor, 2 sessions in class with one on one instructor working with you, two sessions in group class under class instructors guidance.    

* Your dog will only be encouraged into the group class if ready to cope.   The aim is to help your dog be more relaxed, able to focus on you and improve quality of life for both human and dog.   If a class is too overwhelming for your dog, your lessons will be adjusted to work within the dogs coping skills. 

               Please call if you need more info 

 Click here to Book for NERVOUS NELLIES