Puppy Pre-School classes encourage social skills, early learning and provide owner information and assistance Class positions are limited, bookings essential


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Is your new puppy aged between 8 and 14 weeks?

Have they had their first vaccination?

If yes, then puppy school can help with :

Socialisation- Getting it right :Toilet Training for success : Early Learning Exercises, Teaching Bite inhibition-how hard is too hard : Plus all your questions answered.          

         Get on track early, before you have problems

   Set you and your puppy up for a successful, bonded life together 

Puppy Pre-School                                 $90 for 4 weeks  

Current club membership required - $25 per calendar year - reduced from July 

   Payment is required at checkout to secure your position in a class.  Payment is made via Paypal or PayPal's credit card option, which does not require a Paypal account). If this is not possible, please contact us re other payment options)

 Receive a $20 discount

for Grade One Basic when you attend our Puppy Pre-school