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Holdfast Dog Centre Facebook Page - Please Like 

Our Facebook page has videos and photos of day care and training, plus is updated with any info on seminars, non-training days and any upcoming events.  


Behavioural Consultant

Family Dog Educator

Megan Is Holdfast Dog Centre's in home behavioural consultant.  She also runs her own training school plus specialises in Dogs and Storks and Dogs and Toddlers, with emphasis on preparing the family dog for living with babies and kids. 


Youtube  - Dog Talk

Rules of Love 

This video is a wonderful example of the benefits of Clicker Training.  This short film won second prize in the international acclaimed "Canine film festival"  


Calming Signals Explained 

Turid Rugass published the original documentation of Calming Signals.  Here she presents a short segment of her recordings of Calming Signals. 


Calming Signals of a nice dog asking for help

This video shows a child bouncing on a dog - calming signals are shown as the dog asks his people to help him out.   Luckily for the child the dog is extremely patient,  but shouldn't have to cope with this.  If he is having a bad day, he and the child will both suffer.



 German Shepherd asks for more Space

This video shows a new placed police dog warning a reporter to give him space.  Tongue flicks, ears back, eyes showing whites, blinking, furrowed brow... body pulled away. Ten years ago not as much was known about body language and calming signals as now, so comments by the newscaster about it being sudden, out of the blue, unexpected are in fact not true. The dog asked many times to be given more space.    All ended up ok for the dog tho, he got to continue his work as a police dog.