Are you interested in Volunteering or doing your required Work Experience with us?


We accept work experience participants and volunteers.  

All volunteers and work experience will be required to attend a one hour intro session for our Level one basic communication course.

These times are available on the Pet Dog Training page or can be emailed to you on request. This session gives you an insight into our philosophies, ethics and standards.   

We have limited work experience spaces, so booking is important - we only take one or sometimes two students at a time, so whoever applies first gets a position.

To apply, please email us at :

Include your name and requested dates.    We will respond as quickly as possible.  

If there are spaces available, you will be sent a volunteer info pack and a form to fill out.

Usually there are also forms for us to fill out.  Preferred time for this to be done is between 7am and 6 pm Fridays or by arrangement if this is not possible.  This can also be done at the Week one info session.

Volunteers are also accepted.   Email us your requirements or enquiries and we will send you paperwork provided we are able to suit your needs.   If an ongoing position is requested you will be required to visit us on a Friday, to be sure this is something you want to do, and can be effective in.  You will then be required to attend a Level One basic communication info session.