The Dog Centre has a small, hard working group of enthusiastic trainers, carers and committee who are dedicated to sharing their understanding and knowledge of dog behaviour with our members.  Our trainers regularly attend conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the latest studies and research into behaviour and learning.  They are all members of the Pet Professional Guild Australia and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and fully support Force Free, Positive Reinforcement dog training philosophies, which they teach in classes, use with their own dogs and the dogs in doggy day care.




In 2002, Megan, Jenny and Karyn Molloy joined the Association with the aim of setting up force free, Positive re-inforcement classes for people wishing to have well mannered dogs that complimented their lives and that of their family and community.  The team has grown since then, but the original three are still actively involved in the Centre. 

Megan - Behavioural Consultant



Megan does our in home consultations, specialises in Dogs and Storks courses for expecting parents and those with toddlers and also develops, with the other senior trainers, our training manuals, codes of ethics and practices, and helps oversee the training and standards that we diligently maintain at the centre.  Megan has two border collies, and most recently, a beautiful daughter, Mackenzie.   Megan is committed to keeping up to date with the latest studies and protocols of force free training, and is very proud of her involvement with the club. 

Karyn -  Senior Trainer


Karyn teaches Puppy Pre-school, Basic Classes and Single Friday Sessions (Behavioural sessions)  at the centre.  Karyn also manages Doggy Day Care with her daughter Jenny and a small group of dedicated staff.  She has a Borzoi, Malik who fills her life with joy and laughter. Her previous dog Phoenix, a Leonberger was a very familiar face at the club and "wrote" a popular article for our newsletters...The Phoenix Files.  Karyn is dedicated to studying and understanding behaviour, loves instructing and helping people develop a better relationship with their dogs and is an avid animal rights supporter

Jenny - Senior Trainer


Jenny teaches Basic, Advanced and Masters Classes and also runs the Agility courses.  Jenny assists Karyn manage Doggy Day Care.  Jenny has three dogs - an Afghan Hound named Willow who she has had since a pup, a rescue Afghan, Rowan. and a fourteen year old kelpie x staffy.  Her old dog Ralph, who passed away in 2011 competed in Agility and was the second dog in South Australia to gain his Jumping Dog Title.  Jenny loves instructing, meeting and helping new club members and especially relishes the challenges and rewards of training dogs, particularly her Afghans.  She recently undertook a huge task, The Karen Prior Clicker Academy course, which she has now completed.



Paula teaches Puppy schools, Basic courses and our Saturday morning Nervous Nellies classes. She also is part of our day care team. Paula has almost finished studying for her Cert IV in Companion Animal Studies through the Delta Society.   She has a lovely dog, Kai, a border collie, cocker spaniel cross, and more recently Wesley, a shar-pei.


Annabel teaches Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Masters and Dogfit. She first came to Holdfast Dog Centre in 2013 to attend Basic with Lucy her Silky Terrier, an 8 month old rescue dog who was quite a handful! She loved the training philosophy so much that she became a trainer. She has been working at Holdfast for a couple of years and in 2017 completed the Karen Pryor Academy Professional Dog Trainer Program and is now a Karyn Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and Lucy is a Certified Canine Graduate! Annabel loves getting to know families and their dogs and teaching positive reinforcement techniques that help everyone have a wonderful life together.



Bianca is a member of our training and day care team and has added her love of dogs and interest in behaviour and learning to our skill set.   Bianca is now an Assistant Instructor as well as a valued day carer.  Bianca has a German Shepherd Dog named Theo, who participates in day care and training and is hoping to add a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever to her family soon.

Corey is an assistant instructor and a day care attendant.  He has a great interest in animal behaviour and is studying for his degree at University.  He has two dogs, Charlie a border collie, English Cocker Spaniel cross and Jessie, a staffy.   Apart from his time here and uni, he also volunteers at the RSPCA

Krystal has recently become an assistant instructor, as well as being a valued day care worker too.   Krystal is very interested in learning more about dogs and behaviour and is a great team member.






Mary is our Assistant Manager at day care, a very valued member of the team and joined us a few years ago after a long career as a child care worker.  Her wealth of experience in that industry gave her a strong understanding of behaviour, and an invaluable amount of patience.  Her love of dogs, including the ones in our care, encouraged her to adopt her adored Cocker Spaniel, Bubbah a few years ago when his first family were unable to keep him. As a regular day care dog, Bubbah was already loved, and found his forever mum in the heart of Mary.




Lexi is a day care attendant plus volunteers extra hours too.  Her little Cavoodle, Hermoine, loves coming to day care with Lexi, and is also enjoying agility classes.   Lexi is a great asset to our day care team and loves spending time with the dogs.


HDC is a not-for-profit Association, and our staff are supported by a wonderful dedicated Committee.

President - Doug Kenny

Vice President-Secretary - Belinda Hanns

Treasurer - Toni Gluszkowski

Editor - Karyn Molloy

Community Liaison Officer - David Lovering 

Trainer's Rep - Jenny Molloy

Committee Members - Chris Green - Caroline Bates  


We are also wonderfully supported by a small team of dedicated loyal volunteers who regularly donate their time, energy and enthusiasm to the club. 



Our logo was designed by member Frans Kat in 2005. At the base of the design is a 'Plus' sign representing Positive. Positive Training is the basis of all that we do at the Holdfast Dog Centre. The plus is coloured Gold to allude to this 'Golden Rule'. Above the plus, the line forms a circle to symbolize our dog centre embracing the dog owning community. The line then continues to form the profile of a playful dog. This represents our dogs being free to express their true personalities without fear of punishment. The rainbow of colours represents joy, as well as the diversity of dogs and people that are welcome as members of our dog centre.

The Holdfast Dog Centre is an initiative of the Holdfast Bay Dog Owner's Association