Your membership allows us to provide many services to the dog owning community.


Membership benefits. 

  • Allows Committee to effectively manage our resources
  • Access to classes and doggy day care
  • Advice on dog behavioural problems by our experienced staff of trainers
  • Advisory service via phone or email
  • Drop in centre on Fridays during day care including advice on all dog behaviours and problem solving techniques. (suitable dogs-those who are not overwhelming to small dogs are welcome too)
  • Interaction with other members during social events and drop in days
  • Access to grounds to exercise dogs when classes and day care are not operating
  • Assistance with advice on dog breeds and behaviour pre-purchase or after
  • Rescue dog and rehoming assistance and advice
  • Advice on Dog and Cat Management Legislation and Local Council Regulations
  • Information and advice on developments and studies on dogs, behaviours, natural remedies, diet and community/urban living programs
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook page to keep you up to date with events and activities

Your membership also helps us to provide wider benefits to the community by:

  • Helping us to provide education about responsible dog ownership and encouragement to be proactive regarding dogs and their families rights and obligations
  • We work with work with Local Council and other groups to enhance the lives of dogs and families
  • We work with rescue groups to help settle dogs into new environments and provide assistance to foster carers with training and rehabilitation of dogs
  • We provide assessment sessions for dogs who have behavioural issues that may prevent the dog participating in a class situation, allowing us to advise the best course or action to help the dog and their owner gain confidence and skills
  • We provide extra assistance and guidance to elderly or disadvantaged community members to help keep the dog in the home environment where both human and dog need each other
  • We provide opportunities for high school students to undertake work experience
  • We provide opportunities for unemployed to gain knowledge and skills to help them gain employment
  • We work with agencies who are responsible for special needs community members and provide opportunities to develop people and dog skills in a supportive working environment.
  • Members also benefit from the social and health benefits of being actively involved in a positive dog/human community