HDC is a not-for-profit community based Association.  Membership is required to access any of our services.

 Membership   $25 per calendar year (price reduces from July)



Baby Puppies   

Puppy School  $85 for a four week course

Grade 1

Basic Communication  $130 for a six week course


Credits may be interchanged for Training classes, Agility and DogFit 

                      (CONDITIONS APPLY, SEE Levels Packages Page) 

10 Lesson Package -   $220.00  (Use in 6 months)

15 Lesson Package -   $315.00   (Use in 9 months)

20 Lesson Package -   $400.00   (Use in 12 months)

Single Lesson         -    $ 27.00   (to be used at time of purchase)


Agility - Grade 1

Basic                           $130.00 for a six week course 


NERVOUS NELLIES - $250 for a five week course, plus a free introductory lesson.  Two additional free lessons available for suitable dogs in a Level One course.  Details on NN page.


Each dog is charged for one position per day. Discounts can apply for multiple dogs doing a day or more, or one dog doing more than one day within one week. Overall weekly charge is calculated by multiplying the number of dogs in one family who attended by the number of days attended.

Rates are per week.. how many days attended by one or more dogs in the family.

One Position $ 40.00 (1st day $40)

Two positions $75.00 (2nd day $35)

Three positions $105.00 (3rd Day $30)

Four Positions $130.00 (4th Day $25)

Five Positions $150.00 (5th Day $20)

Six Positions $165.00 (6th Day $15)

Seven Positions $175.00 (7th Day $10)

Eight Positions $185.00 (8th Day $10)

Hourly $6 per hour or part thereof - minimum charge $6

 Late pick up fees apply, details on Doggy Day Care Page.