Holdfast Dog Centre

Brighton Oval Complex, Stopford Road Entrance, Hove

email:  info@holdfastdogcentre.com.au 





The Holdfast Dog Centre offers Puppy Pre-School plus three higher levels of Pet Dog Training Classes plus In-home behavioural consultations, Doggy Day Care, social interaction and dog sports.

The Holdfast Dog Centre is an initiative of the

Holdfast Bay Dog Owners' Association




Membership is $25 per annum (pro rata from July)





Welcome to the Holdfast Dog Centre

Our focus is on force free training, applying modern, positive reinforcement, user friendly training methods that encourage and support a strong relationship between people and their dogs.

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Our classes focus on good manners and helping your dog become a polite, socially accepted member of your family and your life. Using scientifically proven training methods, we will show you how to train your dog and develop behaviours and responses without resorting to harsh corrections or fear and intimidation.  

We do not use choker chains or any devices that are designed to threaten, hurt or frighten dogs.

You and your dog can relax and enjoy our small classes and learn how to educate, train and understand your dog.  Also, single dog courses for anxious dogs, single topic courses for specific training needs and much more. 

We also offer doggy day care and other interactive social experiences to help develop your dog's confidence, provide an outlet for their energy levels and stimulation and excitement to their lives. 



                                       OUR LOGO______________________

Our logo was designed by member Frans Kat in 2005. At the base of the design is a 'Plus' sign representing Positive. Positive Training is the basis of all that we do at the Holdfast Dog Centre. The plus is coloured Gold to allude to this 'Golden Rule'. Above the plus, the line forms a circle to symbolize our dog centre embracing the dog owning community. The line then continues to form the profile of a playful dog. This represents our dogs being free to express their true personalities without fear of punishment. The rainbow of colours represents joy, as well as the diversity of dogs and people that are welcome as members of our dog centre.